Travis Scott is accused of treason by Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott is accused of treason by Kylie Jenner

It seems that the Kardashian family is going through another scandal. Reportedly, Travis Scott was allegedly accused by girlfriend Kylie Jenner of betraying her.
Travis was supposed to perform in Buffalo, New York on Thursday evening (February 28th), but he announced just before he was postponing the show because he was sick. “Buffalo, I’m so sorry I can not perform tonight,” Scott tweeted. “I’m a bit tired and stressed, it’s not good! All other scheduled concerts remain confirmed. See you soon.”

However, sources report that the rapper is taking time to repair his report after being accused of treason.
According to sources, Travis was with Kylie and their daughter, Stormi, in California on Wednesday, February 27, when Kylie told the rapper she had evidence of her infidelity. An argument jumped out and continued the next day. The Travis Scott team denies everything by saying that the rapper has never been with other girls.

This is the second Travis Scott show this month that has been postponed. Two weeks ago, a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was canceled. Unfortunately, the fans were not informed of the cancellation of the show until they arrived at the venue. As a result, many people who were waiting outside got angry and stormed the location.

Take a look at Travis Scott’s tweet about the canceled show in Buffalo below.

Buffalo I’m so sorry I can’t perform tonight. I’m under the weather and it fucking sucks! Can’t pull up without full rage. Show rescheduled to March 10 all tix are valid. See u soon— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) February 28, 2019


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