Offset says now “the safety of 6ix9ine is at risk”

Offset says now

T-Pain’s recent comments on 6ix9ine who are collaborating with federal agents have sparked the indignation of various rappers such as Gillie Da Kid, Trouble, Snoop Dogg and Fabolous. Now, it seems that Offset has just given his opinion on the legal situation of 6ix9ine.
During an interview with Real 92.3’s Big Boy TV, a part of which was posted on the Twitter page, the Migos member said that the rapper must now take responsibility for his actions. “My OGs tell me, if you get into these waters, you have to know how to swim,” says Set. “In the end, he’s an adult man. There are rules and codes. “
“You have chosen the road and gone left, your safety is a problem now because you have chosen the road,” continued Offset. “Just know what you’re doing.”

As we mentioned above, offset for “you went left” should mean Tekashi’s collaboration with the federal authorities. Last month, it was reported that the rainbow-haired rapper had pleaded guilty and reported to the authorities about the various crimes he and his Nine Trey Gangsta Blood had committed to reduce his sentence to 32 years in prison.

Offset does not become too specific in his interview, but explained the fact of having a personal responsibility when it came to 6ix9ine. He used his life experiences to express his point.

“I’ve been arrested a lot of times, 13 or something,” he added. “You have to take responsibility, you have to take it in your chest, blame me for everything that happened to me, I can not blame others.”

Offset, which appeared in the “Gummo (Remix)” of 6ix9ine last year, also believes that the rapper did not have the right people around him.


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